2019 COBRUF Aerospace Competitions

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Dare the extraordinary for the Right to Fly Higher!

Launch a rocket, send a cubesat to stratosphere, build a space suit, win a Mars drones race, design space missions for rovers on Mars or for AUVs in a Jupiter's moon! These are just some of the hallmarks of the groundbreaking 2019 Cobruf Aerospace Competitions. There are many challenges coming around and you can not miss it!

For the competitions rules and more information, access: https://blog.cobruf.com.br/ .


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For newcomers

I want to participate, but I don’t have any experience on the field. What can I do?

Teams can participate by presenting the very basic if they want. Some of the COBRUF Aerospace Competitions are the very first on their genre in the world, so it’s okay to feel a bit challenged. But we are explorers and, together, we learn more and fly higher.

I want to participate, but I don’t have a team, what can I do?

You can enter our Facebook group (COBRUF Aerospace Competitions) and look for other dreamers and pioneers willing to take the same journey.

Do you have a modality where I don’t need to build the tech?

Of course we do! Each competition has their own Theoretical Design modality, where you can design, simulate and present your results without the need to build or test the technology.

What if I want to present some in-house experimental results?

In that case, you can also submit results for the Experimental Validation modalities.

Can I compete with a partial tech?

Sure! If you don’t want to design and build the whole integrated system, you still can get a lot of points for presenting subsystems results.

About the architecture

Are the COBRUF Aerospace Competitions inspired on any real space mission?

Absolutely. We try our best to make sure the COBRUF Aerospace Competitions don’t ever become ends on their own, but become boosters for the development of humanity peaceful space exploration capabilities. Hence, the competitions are tools to unite great minds to contribute with sollutions to the main challenges of the international space industry and space missions. We have great confidence that, with a small number of editions, the Cobruf teams will be able to propose some of the sollutions that will allow humankind to reach the universal right to fly higher.

Do I need to participate in all competitions?

You can participate only in the competitions of your choosing. Each competition (rockets, cubesats, space suits, drones, rovers and AUVs) is independent from the others. We only designed them as a COBRUF Aerospace Competition integrated ecosystem because to allow a more awesome experience for you and amazing engineering.

Can the same team compete in different competitions?

Of course, we encourage that! We are trying to boost the creation of multidisciplinary centers for peaceful space exploration R&D around the world and we believe student teams have great potential to become them.

For international participants

Can international teams participate?

COBRUF Association encourages the participation of international and multinational teams. In fact, multinational teams win extra points and honored mentions. There are no restrictions upon international participation in the non-presential activities: Theoretical Design modality, Experimental Validation modality (except ORR) and COBRUF Challenge. The entry of Non-Brazilians in the presential activities depends on external authorizations. Non-Brazilians who wish to participate in the presential activities of the competitions must submit an entry authorization request, before their presential registration, through 2019 CAC Non-Brazilian Entry Request Form. The submission of entry requests does not guarantee entry authorizations.

About Registrations

What are the registrations categories?

Teams, Presential Competitors, Presential Tutors, Organization Volunteers, observers who want to buy one or more Day-Passes and sponsors.

What are Non-Presential competitors and tutors?

Registered teams will be asked by e-mail for a list of all their competitors and tutors. Those within the list, but without Presential Competitor, Presential Tutor or Day-Pass registrations, will be registered as Non-Presential competitors or tutors.

How many people can participate?

Each team has the right to register a maximum of 50 members as Non-Presential competitors and tutors. The limit of registrations per team for Presential Activities will be defined at the opening of the oficial registrations, based on the pre-registration volumetry.

What are the scholarity requirements?

All competitors must be enrolled students in accredited institutions from any scholarity. Tutors must be graduated professionals, working as professors at of one of the team's represented accredited academic institutions, staff at one of the team's sponsors or staff at a company from technology industry.

What are the age restrictions?

All participants under 18 years old must present a written letter from its parents (or legal responsibles) attesting all parties are fully aware of the risks involved and the participant is authorized to participate in all activities, delegating a teacher from the minor school as its responsible for all purposes. Day-Passes and volunteer tickets are not allowed for participants under 18 years old.

Can I compete for different teams in the same competition?

No. You can only be part of one team in each competition. However, you can compete for differents teams in different competitions.

What should my team do to compete in different competitions?

Each different competition, requires a separate Team Registration. So you need to buy one Team Registration per competition your team want to compete.

What should I do to compete in different competitions?

You will be able to compete in all non-presential activities of the teams you are listed as a member. If you registered as a Presential Competitor or Presential Tutor you can participate in all presential activites of the teams you are listed as a member. That also applies for the activities in the days for which you bought a Day-Pass.

Can competitors be an Organization Volunteer?

No. Volunteers might have contact with sensitive information, such as teams scores. Hence, to avoid conflicts of interest, Organization Volunteers can not be competing team members.

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