Black Salvador Immersion

Black Salvador Immersion

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Elevador Lacerda

Elevador Lacerda

Salvador, BA 40081-305


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Black Salvador Walking Tour

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Black Salvador outing takes you to the heart of Brazil's African Diaspora. Our meeting point is right at Elevador Lacerda in the Historical Center, where our journey begins. Back in the century 16th, at the time Africans were sent to Brazil, you will be led on an enlightmented walking beyond the history of slavery. Salvador da Bahia is the soul of Afrobrazilian culture, on this tour you'll understand why. None of this could survive without union, resistance, community and intelligence. This is the main legacy that the ancestors gave to the next generations that can be felt until today. This experience undoubtly is the oppportunity that you are looking for to know real Black Brazil, without filters. To celebrate our meeting, we will be shaked by the sound of the drums for a percussion class because playing the drums is a way of communication with ancestors and orixás. AXÈ!

Keep in Mind: This is mostly a walking tour, but even the distance from one point to another isn't that far, it's recommendable to wear confortable.We think on you: bathroom stop is planned! Brazilians love to see people like them, so don't worry if on the way someone smiles, greets or speaks with you, it's all about admiration.

Includes: Tickets, Percussion Class, Lunch

Time: 10 am - 16 pm

Optional: Hotel Pick Up/ Drop off

Imagem do evento Black Salvador Immersion
Imagem do evento Black Salvador Immersion

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