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Cobruf ROCKETS 2018

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For the competitions rules and more information, access: https://blog.cobruf.com.br/ .

NOTE: The subscription is made "per team". The tickets bought here already include the maximum of 15 members of the team for presential activities, and the maximum of 50 members for non-presential activities. Thus, each team must buy only one ticket for Cobruf ROCKETS 2018.

After the teams registration period, individual tickets might be available if the tickets are not sold out.


I want to participate, but I don't have any experience on the field. What can I do?

The Computational category is 100% theoretical-computational, in which you can participate with conceptual design, theory, CAD and simulations. By participating in this category, you will have the opportununity for a first contact with advanced rocketry without costs, nor risks. Then you will be able to use all of your time and resources to consolidate your team, publicize it nationally and internationally and improve your knowledge.

I want to participate, but I don't have any money or support to build the technologies or to travel to the event. What can I do?

Not to worry, we got your back! We understand that this is the main problem most teams face. If you have the resources, you are welcome in the presential activities, but we also have options to participate minimizing costs. For the Computational, Scientific Work and Propulsion categories, teams have the option of participating by distance, without travelling costs. Computational and Scientific Works are 100% theoretical, in which teams do not have costs with manufacturing and testing prototypes. In the Propulsion category, the team can build only the propulsion system, testing it on its own facilities and sending on the results, minimizing costs while maintaining the excitement.

I want to participate, but I don't have a team, what can I do?

You can enter our Facebook group (COBRUF Aerospace Competitions) and look for other dreamers and pioneers willing to take the same journey.

Can international teams participate?

COBRUF Association encourages the participation of international and multinational teams. More than that, multinational teams win extra points and honored mentions. There are no restritions upon the participation of foreigner members in the non-presential activities (Computational, Scientific Work and Propulsion categories), however, foreigner members interested in participate in the presential activites must follow the instructions presented in the competition's rules to apply for presential participation.

Are the Beta Cobruf Aerospace Competitions a category of the Cobruf Rockets?

Every Cobruf Aerospace Competition is an entire competition of its own. Each of them have their own independent personality. However, they are very conceptually integrated to each other in one of the most modern competition architectures in the world.

If my team is registered in the NON-PRESENTIAL ACTIVITIES ONLY, how will our work presentation be?

All technical projects will be presented online by the teams, in a public live videoconference, previous to the presential activities. In that presentation, all teams can showcase their work with Power Point presentations and live videos.

If my team is registered in the NON-PRESENTIAL ACTIVITIES ONLY, can we present our work in the presential activities?

Registration for NON-PRESENTIAL ACTIVITIES ONLY does not include participation in the event's presential activities. In order to present their projects in situ, teams must register for the presential activities.

My team is registered in NON-PRESENTIAL ACTIVITIES ONLY, but I want to participate in the presential activities as an observer. What should I do?

Registration to individual observers will be open in 08/10/2018. As an observer, you can participate in the presential activities, even if your team is registered for non-presential activities only.

If my team is registered in NON-PRESENTIAL ACTIVITIES ONLY and I register myself as an individual observer, can I present my team's work in the presential activities?

Observers can not present any team's work in the presential activities. In order to present their projects in situ, teams must register for the presential activities.

I'm an university student registered in one of the Beta Cobruf Aerospace Competition (ROVERS, SUBSPACE, DRONES, CUBE or EVA). Do I have any discount in the observer registration?

Yes. All university students registered in any Cobruf Aerospace Competition can register as a 'Student member of registered teams', which has a reduced price. If your team is registered at the presential activities of the Cobruf Rockets competition, please check beforehand if you are not already one of the 15 members included in the team's list for presential activities.

If my team is registered in PRESENTIAL ACTIVITIES, do I need to register myself as an individual observer to participate presentially?

Only if you are not already part of the 15 team members list provided by the team in it's registration. Registration to PRESENTIAL ACTIVITIES already includes 15 team members.

Are the Cobruf Aerospace Competitions inspired on any real space mission?

Absolutely. We try our best to make sure the Cobruf Aerospace Competitions don't ever become ends on their own, but become boosters for the development of humanity peaceful space exploration capabilities. Hence, the competitions are tools to unite great minds to contribute with sollutions to the main challenges of the international space industry and space missions. We have great confidence that, with a small number of editions, the Cobruf teams will be able to propose some of the sollutions that will allow humankind to reach the universal right to fly higher.

Are registrations open to all 6 COBRUF Aerospace Competitions?

The registrations for Cobruf Rockets 2018 are made here. The registrations to the other 5 competitions (space suits, rovers, drones, cubesats and robotic submarines), beta competitions, are also open and made through another page (link).

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