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Programa de Liderança Participativa / Participative Leadership Program (Democracia Profunda para Lideranças)

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Este treinamento de 12 horas, com certificaço internacional pelo Lewis Deep Democracy (LDD), sera ofertado em inglês, é voltado a qualquer pessoa em posição de liderança que almeja mais participação e colaboração em seus projetos e reuniões assim como lidar melhor com conflitos.


This 12 hours training course is for anyone that struggles with the balancing act of driving an agenda and believing in participation and inclusion. The course provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to do so successfully, and it will provide you with an international certificate in CoResolve from Lewis Deep Democracy (LDD).

  • Are you driving a process to achieve your goal with the group you are leading or advising?
  • Do you believe in the need of participation of all – including that odd voice?
  • Are you looking for a way to harness the energy arising from conflict and turn it into fuel for productive group processes?
  • Then this CoResolve training is made for you!


CoResolve is based on the Lewis method of Deep Democracy developed in post-apartheid South Africa and practiced in over 20 countries around the world. Deep Democracy is a facilitation methodology particularly useful for resolving relationship and group dynamics that are emotionally charged or marked by diversity and difference. In CoResolve we have honed these tools specifically for managers and leaders. CoResolve gives you the theoretical background, instructions, experiential learning opportunities, and long term support that you need to begin using the most powerful and essential tools of Deep Democracy in your leadership.


The training comprises of 6 sessions and is based on the Lewis Method of Deep Democracy. It covers background, theoretical understanding, diagnostics, detailed steps and experiential learning.

The modules provide you with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Deal with resistance
  • Make collaborative decisions
  • Understand relationships and group dynamics
  • Resolve tension.

In addition, the basic training module of the CoResolve Participative Leadership Program offers a custom-designed web-based platform supporting this program. The platform allows participants' access to the learning material, exercises, discussion groups and the ability to connect to other participants internationally.


Leadership is a broad word and can be applied in different contexts. In the CoResolve Participative Leadership Program, a leader is identified as anyone driving a process to achieve an objective. Whether you are an executive, professional, manager, teacher, consultant, community worker or a student leading a project or driving a process, you gain from this program.

Most leaders are employed to drive strategy and gain results and should be spending 90% of their time on these outputs. In reality, however, most leaders spend their time trying to resolve people issues and dynamics. Usually these issues are neither rational nor logical. Furthermore, they don’t respond well to logical thinking processes and resolution tools. When leaders apply these logical tools the issues are more likely to cycle repeatedly, wasting valuable time.

The CoResolve Participative Leadership Program specifically focuses on this area. Participants are taught process driven theoretical principles and tools which equip participants to deal with the irrational human element in business. The program is experiential, enabling participants to gain confidence by applying the tools through practice.

The course provides you with the knowledge and skill to:


  • Facilitate rich conversations which unleash engagement and spontaneity, creativity and excitement
  • Harness the dynamic power and collective intelligence of the group by enabling even the quietest of participants to find their voice and express their views
  • Create safety, in large and small groups, that allows difficult conversations to take place
  • Search for the wisdom of the minority in groups and improve majority decision-making by incorporating the minority’s wisdom


  • Read the dynamics of a group, recognize early signs of resistance and emerging conflict and act in a timely manner to reduce tension
  • Understand the obstacles to good communication and build foundations for shared understanding
  • Begin and end meetings with a powerful way to connect the group and be aware of what is happening in the room


  • Resolve differences of opinion
  • Recognize underlying tensions that block group progress
  • Diagnose shifts in group dynamics as they become polarized and rigid and select appropriate facilitation tools to use in such situations.
  • Resolve differences of opinions, arguments and conflicts. Instead of allowing anger and blaming to continue, recognize and unleash the creative potential that lies within every conflict
  • Understand and learn how to use tension as an opportunity to enhance learning, leadership development and interpersonal relationships
  • This training is also available in Portuguese.


Yuri Haasz and Sandra Caselato are life and work partners for 23 years. They study Process Work since 2010 and Lewis Deep Democracy since 2015. For many years they have integrated in their work, and have facilitaded groups and processes with the principles of Deep Democracy in Brazil and internationally.

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For questions, please send an email to: contato@sinergiacomunicativa.com.br

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