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The Discipleship Bible School (DBS) is a three-month University of the Nations Core Curriculum Course centered on studying the Bible and learning about God through His Word. This book is more than just a story; it is the redemptive story of God, and how He continually brought man back into a relationship with Him. It is a story about a man named Jesus and the redemptive response that God brought about through this man's amazing ministry. At DBS, you will discover this story that is connected from beginning to end by reading and studying the Bible.

Discipleship Bible School seeks to create a community environment where Christians can receive a foundation of biblical knowledge and tools for a lifetime of studying and applying Scripture. Discipleship Bible School is a journey of discovery in the Word of God in the company of the One who is from the beginning, the Word of Life Himself, Jesus! Much more than an academic exercise, Discipleship Bible School will bring you face to face with His truth. For this reason, we desire that you come with a willing heart to look at the scriptures with the psalmist's gaze. "Unveil my eyes, that I may behold the wonders of your law. " (Ps. 119:18). "Give me understanding, and I will keep thy law; I will do it with all my heart." (Ps. 119.34). "I will speak of thy testimonies...I will not be ashamed. " (Ps. 119.46). "In thy law is my delight...I love ardently. " (Ps. 119.77, 167).


This school was born out of a desire to see the discipleship that began at DTS continue at DBS. A school in which we see the Spirit and the Truth operating together! God has called us to create a community-focused Bible school so that learning happens not just in morning classes, but throughout the day, especially in small groups led by staffs, where we gather to read the Bible, discuss it, minister and pray for one another under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


We believe that this time is now and that we are called to worship God in spirit and in truth through Christ revealed. Our school desires to embrace the value of spirit and truth with involvement with the Bible. When studying, it is easy to focus on the information and lose the excitement behind why the Bible was written and why we have it as a valuable resource. And yet, it is also easy to live Christianity based on experiences, to go from one great thing to the next, without ever being anchored to a foundation. We are not only called to worship God in spirit or only in truth, but in spirit and truth!

The truth we are learning should be moving us into a deeper intimacy with Jesus. If we live this principle of spirit and truth, we will live truly transformed lives for the kingdom of God. The student will read the entire Bible in a small group of 5-6 people with a school staff. In this reading time students will observe the chronology of biblical events better understanding each book in its historical context, addressing various topics in scripture, and learning to use the inductive method during this time of reading the word.


2200 USD


Dunamis Farm


1) Application + Fee

2) Interview

3) Student approval

4) Payment

The APPLICATION FEE of R$ 75.00 is to cover the expenses of the application process. It does not guarantee the candidate's participation in the school. In case of non-approval, the amount of the APPLICATION FEE will not be returned to the participant.

Participation by minors under 18 years of age will not be permitted.