Feminine Journey - Introduction to Tantra

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Brentwood (address by email)

Address will be provide by email when you receive your tickets or contact (323)4997090

Los Angeles, CA 90049

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Shakti Journey - introduction to Tantra for women

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Feminine power & freedom through Tantra

By Fernanda Zorzo

Happiness is where conscious freedom begins

A guided experience of self-knowledge governed by the practice of Tantra, dance, and psychoanalysis, leading to enhanced mental health, sexual freedom and the sacred feminine.

⁃ The healing power of love;

⁃ The courage to love yourself and the need to respect yourself;

⁃ Genuine sorority through patriarchal deconstruction;

⁃ The transcendence of sexual freedom with self-stimulation techniques;

- What we were denied in the attempt to domesticate wild women: the power of our sexual energy.

The two goddesses Ishtar and Kali inspire this experience of relating to the body itself based on the intensification of sisterhood, the sacred feminine in the fight against the repressions that we’ve experienced, sharing pains and transmuting that energy.

The experience includes active meditations to unblock and destroy social and personal stigmas. Using the power of vulnerability, we empower ourselves and also work with Tantric techniques of self-stimulation based on love and respect for the body in the sacred feminine.

Understanding the other bases of independence: emotional and sexual, since financial independence already occurs for some, and is more natural in Western society.

The experience is open to anyone who is not a practitioner of Tantra, yoga or dance. The experience uses the body and catharsis, focusing on the connection between them, and contributing to the sacred feminine.

This whole experience is performed with an abundance of love and respect for the body!

> Location:

Brentwood Los Angeles (address will be provided by email when you receive your tickets)

* sent via email on the week of the event, if you do not receive it, you can call the number (323) 4997090

06/26/21 from 01:30 pm to 7pm

* limited availability *

For the class:

> Come with comfortable clothes, lightweight fabric (like long skirt or dress)


* feel free to bring something to the altar (your crystals to energize, candles, flowers, incense or whatever you feel)

The Experience Includes:

> Course material + Brunch (vegetarian)


$ 111

Love, freedom and pleasure

Let yourself experience this.

Give your all to this experience.

Ishtar- Goddess of fertility, love, sex, and war - divine personification of the planet Venus, and the force of nature in the Babylonian pantheon.

Kali - Hindu Goddess who represents the feminine principle of renewal - symbolizes the destructive/creative power that is repressed in many women.

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Data e hora


Brentwood (address by email)

Address will be provide by email when you receive your tickets or contact (323)4997090

Los Angeles, CA 90049

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Organizador Fernanda Zorzo

Organizador de Feminine Journey - Introduction to Tantra

Terapeuta tântrica (metamorfose br)

atuante na reconstrução e reconexao das nossas energias femininas e masculinas, em

equulibrio e visceralmente livres. 

eterna admiradora do universo feminino, da sua cura

e do seu potencial vital ao ser despertado

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