I International Meeting of the Fraternity Without Borders

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154 Mettstrasse

2504 Biel


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Event: 1st International Fraternity Without Borders Meeting - One People, One Heart

About this Event

We will meet to strengthen the fraternal current for a better world. We will have introduction to FWB projects, testimonials, music and art. All in a great meeting of hearts from Switzerland, Africa and sister nations - all together, forming one people, one heart.

It will be beautiful to connect our hearts! ♥


August 21 and 22, 2020 | Biel / Bienne, Switzerland9 am - 7 pm ** Switzerland time


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Meeting's Programming**

August 21st - FRIDAY

9 am to 12:30 pm- Registration

11:30 am - Event Opening Ceremonial

11:40 am - Welcome - Andrei Moreira and Rejane Hostettler

12:10 pm - Music Performance - Maurício Virgens

12:30 pm - Institutional video

12:40 pm - One People - The Call of the Heart - Wagner Moura

1:40 pm - Break

2:40 pm - One Heart - Rejane Hostettler

3:20 pm - Testimonials from volunteers: what I saw and lived - Vera Mattos (USA) and Daniela Amorim (United Kingdom), Ana Cláudia de Franco (United Kingdom), Rosana Lashley (USA)

4:00 pm - Break

4: 30 pm - Action Mozambique - Andrei Moreira (overall project), Claudia Chiavegatto (health care project), Rodrigo de Freitas (family humanitarian mission), Martina Vaz Machado (humanitarian mission - testimony).

5:30 pm - Brazil: a welcoming heart - Gilmara Leite, Vilson Fileti and Wânia Fileti.

6: 30 pm - Reception and care of children with microcephaly - Adriana Melo

19:00 pm - Theatrical poll of one of the FWB values: Wellerson Santos

August 22nd - SATURDAY

08:00 am - Graffiti Workshop with Gustavo Nenão (additional registration required)

10:30 am - Opening

10: 40 am - Music Performance

11:00 am - Madagascar Action: Wagner Moura, Simone (humanitarian mission), Márcia Santos (health care project)

12:00 pm - Ubuntu Nation - Clarissa Paz

13: pm - Fraternal actions and initiatives around the world: Gilson Guimarães, Lena, Marcio Lee, Angelita.

1:40 pm - Announcements and lunch break


16:00 pm - Testimonials of volunteers: what I saw and lived - Daniela Thorwartl (Austria), Kátia Wohlhauser (Switzerland), Mariamélia Santos (USA).

4:30 pm - Break

17:00 pm - Questions and answers about all projects - interaction with Wagner Moura, Clarissa Paz and Andrei Moreira.

6:30 pm - Closing with music

August 23rd - SUNDAY

Fraternal Brotherhood in the Swiss Mountains

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Andrei Moreira - is a homeopathic physician and family constellation systemic therapist - BH, RJ, SP. He is also a writer, author and medical and dissemination coordinator for the Humanitarian Organization Fraternity Without Borders. He actively participates in the national and international spiritist movement, giving lectures and seminars.

Wagner Moura - since a young age he has been involved in social work. In 2009, he decided to go to Africa, driven by the dream of contributing to those people to have better living conditions. All his baggage and sensitivity are essential in the mobilization of those involved, who see in his figure not only a leader, but someone sensible and with a good heart, who keeps the focus on the mission of the Humanitarian Organization Fraternity Without Borders.

Cláudia Chiavegatto (health project) - is a volunteer doctor at the Fraternity Without Borders since 2015, volunteer in humanitarian missions, coordinator of health missions (Malawi and Mozambique) and FWB activities center in Belo Horizonte. Graduated in Medicine and Master in Public Health from the Federal University of Minas Gerais. Researcher at the Saúde e Trabalho field for 16 years.

Adriana Melo - is currently a doctor at the Paraibano Diagnostic Institute - EMBRION, researcher and president of the IPESQ Research Institute. Today, the doctor struggles to maintain, in partnership with the NGO Fraternity Without Borders, the treatment center for children with microcephaly created in Campina Grande, which currently serves with high standards about 140 children.

Clarissa Paz - is an administrator, with a postgraduate degree in Social Responsibility and Third Sector Organizations. She currently coordinates the Ubuntu Nation project in Malawi, which was created as a result of the union between Clarissa and the FWB in the same sentiment of giving a better life to the millions of refugees living in that region.

Rossandro Klinjey - is a speaker, writer and Clinical Psychologist. Supporter of this fraternity cause, he donated all the copyright income from his latest book "I choose to be happy", to FWB. He is a consultant for Rede Globo on topics related to behavior, education and family, as well as a columnist for Radios CBN. He was a university professor for more than ten years, when he started to dedicate himself to the activity of lecturer, in Brazil, Europe and the United States.


Wellerson Santos - is a speaker, medium and spiritist writer. Has have 30 books published. For 27 years he has given lectures in Brazil and abroad. He is a sponsor, promoter and coordinator of the Fraternity without Borders Education humanitarian missions.

Gustavo Nenão - the graffiti artist Gustavo Bordin, better known as Nenão transforms the streets he passes with his lines and colors, they are already 39 on the list. The streets are, for Nenão, an open-air gallery. For him, graffiti is an art free of public spaces, which generates reflection without necessarily having to pay a ticket. "And this is what I find very cool about graffiti".

Curiosities about Switzerland

- There are 4 official languages in Switzerland: German, French, Italian and Romansh.- The official currency is the Swiss Franc. The exchange rate is close to the Euro.- Public transportation in Switzerland is a world reference for quality, punctuality and network. It is possible to use a single ticket called Swiss Travel Pass (To find out more, click here).- Visas: In general, Switzerland does not require visas for tourists with a stay of up to 90 days in the country. The essential requirement is that every traveler must have a valid passport with them. (To learn more, click here).

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154 Mettstrasse

2504 Biel


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