PMO-CP (Certified Practitioner) Certification - Asynchronous

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This is an online course and its recorded classes will be available at the PMO Global Alliance Learning Platform.

This course has as primary objective to certify professionals in the international methodology named PMO VALUE RING, which can be used to create, evaluate and restructure PMOs, focusing on value generation.

The PMO-CP certificate is issued by the PMO Global Alliance. The cost of the online exam is included in the total cost of the course.

The PMO-CP certified professional can demonstrate alignment with the most important methodology in the world for strategic management of PMOs, based on best practices and international research.


The PMO VALUE RING methodology is now used by professionals in more than 65 countries. There are hundreds of PMO-CPs in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.

The methodology is supported by a database with the collective intelligence of a worldwide community of PMO leaders, from which recommendations are obtained on best practices and solutions to the challenges of PMOs.

More information about the methodology can be found at www.pmovaluering.com.


To obtain the certification, the candidate must be approved on an online proctored exam of 40 multiple choice questions, achieving a minimum score of 75%.

The exam covers technical aspects related to the methodology, and the candidate has up to 60 minutes to finish it.

The online exam is proctored, like some of the most recognized certifications in the world. It means that the candidate will be able to take the online exam in the most appropriate place and will be monitored throughout the exam by one of our monitors.

The proctored exam can only be scheduled after the completion of the records lessons. The candidate will have up to 90 days to schedule and take the exam.

The exam must be scheduled at least 72 hours in advance of the desired / available day and time.

If the candidate fails in the first attempt, it is possible to make a second attempt at the additional cost of US $ 150. This amount should be paid within 10 working days and, after 5 working days, the candidate will have 90 days to schedule and make the second attempt.

Detailed instructions about this process will be available to the candidates after registration.

PMO Global Alliance provides only a digital PMO-CP certificate. It will be sent to the email previously informed by the candidate within 7 days after passing the exam.


The candidates will receive a communication with all the instructions to access the learning system, where they will find all material needed for the study. This message will be sent within 24 hours after registration.


You can create your free account at www.pmovaluering.com. This account will give you access to all methodology features with some commercial restrictions.

If you want to learn more about our other types of licenses, please keep in contact.

The concepts of the PMO VALUE RING methodology are useful, regardless of the use of the software that supports it.

The great advantage of using the PMOVR software is that it gives access to a benchmarking database with the collective intelligence of the PMO leaders community, allowing the user to get recommendations on which paths to take in PMO design.



Based in Latin America, Americo Pinto has extensive experience in strategy, PMOs, and project management.

Americo Pinto is a PMO specialist and researcher, with large experience in complex projects and PMOs in the Americas and Europe. He was the Research Director of the project which has created the PMO VALUE RING methodology, involving hundreds of experienced PMO professionals from many countries.

Currently, he serves as PMO Global Alliance's Chair of the Board of Directors. PMOGA is the largest worldwide community of PMO professionals.

In 2011, Americo received in Dallas, USA, at the PMI Global Congress, the "Distinguished Contribution Award" for his contribution to the development of project management practices.

He has more than 20 years of experience in PMOs, Portfolio and Project Management. He worked as a Senior Executive and Project Manager in companies such as Arthur Andersen, Deloitte, Dinsmore Associates, Compass International and Noorden Group.

Americo Pinto works as a professor at the most prestigious universities in Latin America and Europe. He is also a Doctoral Candidate at ESC Rennes School of Business, in France.

For six years he was Vice-President of Programs and Vice-President of Professional Development at PMI Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Chapter. In this volunteer position, he was in charge of several initiatives on project management development. Currently, Americo is an active volunteer in several international initiatives with PMI.

Americo Pinto has published five books about project management and PMOs.


PMO-CP Certification Course
7h (7 PDUs)

Lesson 1

Welcome and Presentations

Methodology overview

Step 1, collecting stakeholders’ expectations

Step 2, defining the PMO functions

Lesson 2

Step 3, defining PMO processes

Step 4, defining PMO indicators

Lesson 3

Step 5, defining PMO team, competencies and headcount

Step 6, evaluating the PMO maturity and planning its evolution

Lesson 4

Step 7, calculating the PMO ROI (Return On Investment)

Step 8, constructing the PMO BSC (Balanced Scorecard)

General review of the PMO-CP exam

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Refunds up to 7 days before event

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