Space Analog Virtual Mission by HABITAT MARTE: May 7st – 15th, 2021.

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Space Analog Virtual Mission by HABITAT MARTE

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Space Analog Virtual Mission by HABITAT MARTE

HABITAT MARTE is the first Space Analog Station offering virtual missions.

The space analog station Habitat Marte developed a methodology for virtual missions, when participants are invited to imagine how would be the operation of a space station on Mars. Participants will be chiefs in the station, imagining features and activities during the mission.

CapCom Meetings occur Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, 11 PM GMT, moment called CapCom, based on Zoom.

In this modality of Space Analog Virtual Missions were registered more than 30 missions and 200 participants from 29 countries.

The Space Analog Virtual Missions presents participants since high school students to advanced career scientists. The proposed method provides a great intercultural and knowledge interchange.

The Habitat Marte Space Analog Virtual Missions are very important to curriculum and boost opportunities in academic and industry space careers. Participants will receive a certificate after mission conclusion. The certificate mentions the working-hours.

Habitat Marte just establish a calendar for 2021. If you are not able now, ask about the calendar.

Weekly Habitat Marte space analog station is updating information about virtual missions, achievements, results and opportunities in @HabitatMarte social media.

Candidates also must fill the Application Form:

Candidates can receive more information sending a Whatsapp message to +55 84 99981-8160 or an e-mail to

We deeply recommend look our results in our YouTube Channel: And also our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook looking for @HabitatMarte.

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