Why Do They/We? Building Common Ground. A Course In Inclusivity & Diversity

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Program Objective: To establish better communication between business owners and gender types so that businesses can thrive in a more inclus

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Hello future business partners.

We know that you want to expand your business and your understanding of other business cultures from around the world or you would not have chosen to look at this event.

You are certainly the people we would want to participate and that we feel will get the best outcomes from this type of engagement.

Below is the structure and some of the values that we believe you will cultivate from being a part of our global community.

Please read over the programs structure and commitment before signing up!.

*Because this is a government funded initiative and participants are selected according to their commitment to complete this dynamic program, once you have registered, you will be sent a message with the Google Form that needs to be completed.

We will set up a time to interview you and give you more details about participating in this opportunity to grow and connect with amazing people around the world.

Our first program will engage Brazil and American business owners.

Program Structure:

*30 business owners selected, 15 from each country

Program Structure:

• Through virtual open forums new relationships are formed and strengthened globally between all business owners no matter what their gender identity or business structure.

• Anonymous questions are asked and answered from others through their own understanding, experience, and narrative.

• The best technical online marketing that enhances social media and digital campaigns are shared and built on.

• Drawing on the experience, both success and failures, of participating entrepreneurs, growth and expanded thinking around globalization through best practices is shared.

• Understanding of cultures, global leadership, and the importance of inclusivity and diversity in the business world is communicated and built on.

• Reaching across global borders a collaborative project between participants from both countries will be presented at the last meeting.

The Benefit:

• Achieve greater communication between all gender types by debunking stereotypes.

• Participate in open dialog on how businesspeople operate differently in their profession and field and what we all have in common.

• Discover effortless ways to implement technology to move your mission out into the global business world.

• Engage in a collaborative project that deepens the learning and promotes good-will globally.

If this sounds like a program you would like to engage in than we would like for you to apply to be a part of this global community.

Please know that 100% participation is expected from each participant chosen.

Mark these date for our "online" forums now. November 09th 11 a.m 13 p.m (horário de Brasilia) and November 16th, 11 a.m -13 p.m (Horário de Brasilia).

*These two hours will fly and are highly engaging! You will need to commit to staying on the whole time period.

Yours to count on,

Diogo Silva- Founder of PLT4 Way- Brazil

BJ Davis- Director of Program BJ D Leadership Training & Team Development

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Organizador Diogo Bezerra - 4WAY Idiomas e BJD Leadership Training

Organizador de Why Do They/We? Building Common Ground. A Course In Inclusivity & Diversity

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