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Marlon Luz

Agile Coach, Researcher and Developer Evangelist

Nokia Institute of Technology
agosto de 2008 – janeiro de 2014 (5 anos 6 meses)Manaus, Brazil

Developer Evangelist
• As developer evangelist, working on Nokia and Windows Phone Ecosystem, I delivered 151 apps to Marketplace/Nokia Store in 2012 through 12 trainings on Java ME and Windows Phone platforms for classes in partnership with universities teaching students how to develop apps and games for Nokia phones and encouraging them to publish apps in Marketplace and Nokia Store. Moreover as technology evangelist I presented in 2012 11 talks in conferences promoting the development ecosystem for Nokia phones besides coordinated 1 Hackathon at the INdT Mobile Labs Conference

Agile Coach
• As agile coach, teaching developers to work in agile model for them deliver more value earlier with quality, teaching Scrum Masters on how to implement better the Scrum framework, and teaching Product Owners on how to write system requirements to the team
• Team leader motivating the team members to achieve the goals and providing technical solutions. As ScrumMaster applying Scrum practices and encouraging the team to work in a collaborative way.

Researcher and developer
• Research and development for Nokia Series 40 and Series 30 phones putting internet services in mobile phones through SMS. The service result of this project has now more than 5 million users reaching 7 digits of incoming for Nokia
• International travel to Beijing/China for training on Nokia Series 30 platform development
• Researcher and developer in Community Group developing softwares for social purposes.
• Development of a new User Interface for the Nokia Data Gathering mobile phone software
• Internationals trainings in Kenya, teaching the organizations CDC and PLAN to use the Nokia Data Gathering.
• Development of a new User Interface for web and mobile software on the HIV Mobile Reminder project.

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  • Antonio Marin Neto
    Antonio Marin Neto
    Senior Developer Advocate at Google

    Marlos has great skills on mobile and web software development, and also, has been doing a great job as our Scrum Master.Visualizar


março de 2010 – dezembro de 2011 (1 ano 10 meses)Manaus, Brazil

Trainer of Java Academy training, an 128 hours training on OO, UML, Java Fundamentals e Java Advanced content. I have gave 6 classes of that

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